Original Inspiration

The original idea for this site came in a very circuitous way. Founder, Kimberli Halpin, prayed again and again to win the lottery so she could open a true Catholic orphanage. However with each rosary said and prayer recited and lottery ticket purchased it became very clear to her that God wasn't going to give it to her through gambling (duh) but that she had to work for it.

Many, many rosaries, prayers and adoration hours later she felt the gentle nudge of Christ leading her away from the orphanage and towards meeting someone and creating a family of her own. Dating sites had always seemed like such an impersonal way to meet someone. Browsing profiles in pajamas while eating Ben & Jerry's was no way to meet a soul mate. However going to mass each week and trying out many different parish events wasn't working either. Not that mass isn't the perfect place to meet someone it is just that it is hard if you don't quickly walk up to every guy you find attractive, see if they have a spouse or girlfriend and strike up a conversation in the three minutes you have from the final genuflect to the door. Unfortunately, for a single person, most parish events, not all but most, are for families and again unless you are a dating magnet it is hard to meet someone who shares your faith and is single.

Prayer and scripture always being the answer, Kimberli turned to the bible and adoration and asked God what was next, where should she go? During the recitation of the Joyful mysteries one Saturday she meditated on each mystery as a question being posed to her:

1st mystery: what will your answer be?
2nd mystery: will you recognize me?
3rd mystery: Can you be as humble as me?
4th mystery: Where will I find you?
5th mystery: Will you listen to me?

In what seemed like a very joyful mysterious answer from God Kimberli knew what she had to do: to accomplish the orphanage create a dating site. However, not just a database of profiles but an interactive social media environment that is linked with parishes and the diocese and is grounded in creating sacramental relationships. For what will be built for God must come from work devoted to God.

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Building the Site

What should've been obvious that developing a full-blown dating website with social media capabilities and integrating mobile devices, mobile apps and a desktop database that works together seamlessly is costly and time consuming. Kimberli returned to prayer and scripture. Mathew 21:21 "Jesus said to them in reply, “Amen, I say to you, if you have faith and do not waver, not only will you do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will be done." So if God wants a way to develop sacramental relationships through ministries and parishes then it will be done. Sometimes not knowing where the money would come from or how she would pay her bills that month she kept working on the site. Each month the Lord provided just enough to get what needed to be done and a couple extra dollars to eat and keep the electricity on.

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Our Lady of Knock Orphanage

As the development of SD Catholic Singles started to become a reality the original idea of the orphanage became prevalent in daily prayers before morning mass. It was during a prayer to St. Bendict that the reality of SD Catholic Singles income would go towards the orphanage and it would resemble the St. Benedict Cross. Kimberli quickly went to adoration and let Jesus guide her through it's development:

After two hours in deep meditative prayer she walked away an end goal:

  • The entrance to the orphanage would be at the foot of the cross where over the door would be Matthew 7:7. The entry would also serve as a baby drop off point.
  • At the head of the cross is where the school and chapel will be located. The wisdom of God will be brought to the children at his head.
  • On each side will be the boys and girls dormitorys. On the bottom floor of the boys dorm will be housing for retired priests who wish to be of service to the orphans. On the bottom of the girls dorm will be where the nuns who teach and guide the children live.
  • In the "C" circle will be where the sports fields will be located.
  • In the "S" cirlce will be where animals will be located to help children to understand unconditional love.
  • In the "P" circle will be free pre-natal care, pregnancy assistance, and adoption services
  • In the "B" circle will be technical training and life skills courses provided to children and parents wishing to learn a trade to bring their family back together.

The vision was so real Kimberli brought it to her priest and asked that prayers be said to ensure what she heard would stay in her heart. It all seemed so crazy to her, however 2 years ago she way praying to win the lottery and today she thinks she won God's lottery by being able to support her dream by bringing people together through ministry and faith.

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“Today many people believe that it is impossible to love another person “forever.” This fear of ‘forever’ is cured by entrusting oneself day by day to the Lord Jesus in a life that becomes a daily spiritual path of common growth, step by step. Because ‘forever’ is not simply a questions of duration! A marriage does not succeed just because it lasts; its quality is also important.” Pope Francis